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The Mission series is a space opera sci-fi series based about one hundred and fifty years into the future. Robert Astor is a mild mannered, unassuming quality assurance agent whose life gets turned upside down when he stumbles on an interstellar plot that puts all human life on Earth in jeopardy. Basically, if you enjoyed Edgar Rice Burroughs's Barsoom series, the Star Wars E. U. books and the humor of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, You'll enjoy the Mission series. Flight To mars is book one in the series. The sci-fi short story, The Prototype is a prequel to this new series.

Mission: Flight To Mars

Mission: Lights of Langrenus


The Red World trilogy is myth-fantasy. It tells the tale of the fall and rise of an ancient kingdom on the Red Planet, long, long ago. Gods, power struggles, battles and adventure await! If a culture of antiquity could have existed on the Red Planet, if it ever had atmosphere and water and greenery, the land of Hybron would be its Mesopotamia, the very center of all its civilizations. The story spans many years, starting from the rebirth of a very old prophecy and the many people caught up in its wake to its epic conclusion. This series borrows influences from Dune and the Bible.

Book One in the trilogy is free! For a sample chapter of Cryptic Tongues, the second book in the trilogy, download here.


Short story prequel - Edge of Darkness

Book 1 - Schisms

Book 2 - Cryptic Tongues

Book 3 - Rise of the Red King


SHORT FICTION (fantasy, weird and science fiction)

Every now and then I get an idea for a short story or a small book of fables or tales. I enjoy reading folk tales and fairy tales and mythology and my own fairy tales are shaped and influenced by these old stories. Every now and then I get an idea to write a fantasy or sci-fi short. Character, mood and setting and the natural environment are themes I like to write about. I often give my short stories away for free for a limited time.

Short fiction titles:

The Prototype


Dust and Bones

Keeping Strange Time (collection)

Fairy Tales and Fables

3 Fables (micro version of Fairy Tales and Fables - free at feedbooks)

The Candy Shop

Edge of Darkness


I have one short story piece in the anthology, Something For The Journey 

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My poetry books are short, usually 10-12 poems per book. I especially love to write about nature, emotion and city dwelling. With a little mysticism. My favorite poets and inspirations are Walter De La Mer, Langston Hughes and W. H. Auden.

Poetry Titles:

When The Sky Is Gray (First poetry book)

Half Light (Second poetry book)

City Life: poems on living in a small city (Third poetry book)

October Fog (Fourth poetry book)

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