New Short Story: Memory Lane

I have written a new short story. It's called Memory Lane and its free! No cover though. It's in .pdf form. I call it's genre speculative fiction or weird fiction. I love that old term, weird fiction. Also, I have another episode up at blueshift, called Burn It! Enjoy and Happy Reading!!

Download here: Memory Lane.pdf

Star Wars: Annihilation (The Old Republic)

I've got quite a few things cooking lately. I'm always working on something it seems. I've got a Star Wars movie marathon coming up on the Middle-earth Network next month and also I may be apart of another fiction project soon. I've written up a short story for it  called Memory Lane and I'm excited about it.

But I am writing to say that my new work-in-progress has a tentative name. The series will be called the Mission series and I'm half way through the first book. I am planning to release the first book in my Mission space opera series this summer. As homework I've been working my way through the Barsoom series which I've enjoyed immensely and also a few of the Star Wars EU books. Currently I'm listening to Star Wars: Annihilation (The Old Republic). Another great book. I'm learning a lot about good space opera. You can hear it right now on YouTube on audiobook.


blueshift fiction: episode #6 is out!

I have written a new episode on the blueshift fiction sci-fi project. Episode 6, titled: The Meeting. More episodes of blueshift fiction project will be coming this year as I will be concentrating on this as well as planning a space opera. The steampunk series has been put on hold for this year. I won't be writing it until 2015.

As far as my plans this year, there has been a shift. I will be focusing on science fiction projects, the first one being a series that expands on my short story The Prototype. I will also be focusing on blueshift fiction this year. I know that episodes were sporadic last year. That will change this year. I am also planning to do a podcast for blueshift fiction project and at some point I am going to look into turning it into a comic book/graphic novel.

As for the Red World series? well, I'm glad I wrote it and now I'm glad it's done. For now. There are some loose ends that I didn't completely answer and tie up. But that will be a long time in coming if I ever get around to writing anymore books in that series. I feel released from it as it took up a year of my life. I'll be working on shorter novels these days. However, look for a book trailer for the Red World trilogy some time this month!