A New Matrix Film Trilogy? No Thanks!

the matrix.jpg

I've heard a new Matrix film trilogy is in the works. An outline from the Wachiowskis has been written and it is being looked over at Warner Brothers. According to Movie Web, anyway.

I don't know. The first Matrix film is a perfect sci fi film, in my opinion. I love that film. The second was entertaining but merely ok. The third was the worst film I have ever seen in my life - and I've seen some terrible films. I'm not looking forward to another Matrix trilogy. They have the nerve to make another trilogy? The first Matrix film was a great, self-contained story. It didn't need sequels. In fact, the sequels take away from the first film.  Most Hollywood films these days are nothing but CGI-crapfests anyway. By the way, I eventually dumped my Matrix trilogy box set. I wasn't even interested in watching the Animatrix any longer. At one time I loved it. Tastes change, I guess.

No, these new films don't interest me. To be honest, indie content like Born of Hope, or The Hunt For Gollum,  and user-generated content like the stuff you find on YouTube interests me far more than most Hollywood films. British drama, The Lord of the Rings films and the Hobbit films, the new Bond films and the rare art-house film are the exceptions. other than that? I'm interested in what regular people like me are creating.

However I still have the first Matrix film on dvd and I will forever love that film! For me, no sequels exist.