Here again, after being  away for a while. After having written what so far is my magnum opus - Teh Red World trilogy - it was a very different experience writing a space opera. My forays into science fiction so far have been shorts. The process was perilous as well. What do I mean? well, After an initial burst of excited energy by the time I got to the middle of the story it was hard going. I felt that the story wasn't coming together the way I wanted. Sometimes I wondered if it was coming together at all. I wasn't sure of whether it was working or not. Things slowed down to a snail's pace. This is what happens when you have to just push through it even when it sucks. even when you think it isn't working. That's why I swear by outlines. An outline helps me work through these tough times.

Thankfully by the time i got to the last fourth of the story things got better as far as inspiration was concerned. IN a way, I went throught his with the last series as well but the feeling that the story wasn't working didn't happen then. There were times I was simply not feeling inspired to write. Anyway, Mission: Flight to Mars has gone through as title change and the story itself has expanded and become very intriguing and more complex. it is still, at its heart, an adventure story, and one I'm finally proud of. Lok here for sample chapters of it all month long.

Mission: Flight to mars will be released Summer, 2014.