Rise of the Red King Released!


Rise of the Red King is finally for sale at Amazon and Smashwords. Look for it on other retailers next week!

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Rapheth is a prince in exile. His closest friends have fled with him out to lands unknown to them. And in these places unknown dangers await them. Especially one very well known danger birthed in Egi that has spread far and wide. 

They meet a family of alchemists in Pallinona who are delighted to help them discover the secrets of the thaumaturgical device Parso has brought. But foes strike again and they find themselves fleeing to the vast dark forests of the Great Ridge where they met an unexpected ally and come across a man with knowledge that will change the course of history. After the standoff with Abgaron, Rapheth finds himself growing dangerously far away from the spiritual help he needs to endure the challenges ahead. He struggles with taking on the burden of kingship and with doubt in prophecy, as his future looks bleaker and his soul becomes mysteriously darker the farther away they travel from Hybron. He is forced to deal with an external struggle that will forever change his friendships. 

The young prince must battle foes within and without and retake what is rightfully his. Rapheth must travel not only a physical journey but a spiritual one before he is ready for the mantle of kingship. A part of this vast undertaking are his supporters at home; the prophet Ilim and the desert prophetess Anet and others throughout the land who must continually prepare the way in Hybron for the return of the the Red King, all the while dodging escalated attacks from his enemies, the primary one being the Black King.