Grail Quest Books Presents Stitched Crosses Definitive Audio Drama

I've posted about the Stitched Crosses audio drama before. It's an excellent Christian adventure story that focuses on a troubled Templar Knight who goes on a quest back to the holy land and finally finds his true path.

Well, GrailQuest Books is redoing the audio drama. This time around they will be producing the definitive edition. They are creating a kickstarter campaign to help them expand the story and to add in elements that they weren't able to the first time around when they released the drama. You can go here to find out more about the campaign. It's starts this Saturday, November 1.

Please support independent authors and small presses and check it out! I have the first version of the audio drama and it's a great story so I'm very interested in this "director's" edition where holy grail lore will be added back into the story, making it even better. They've also got  a graphic novel version of the story as well and look for more audio drama projects in the future!

Here's their kickstarter page: