New Short Story: Memory Lane

I have written a new short story. It's called Memory Lane and its free! No cover though. It's in .pdf form. I call it's genre speculative fiction or weird fiction. I love that old term, weird fiction. Also, I have another episode up at blueshift, called Burn It! Enjoy and Happy Reading!!

Download here: Memory Lane.pdf

blueshift fiction: episode #6 is out!

I have written a new episode on the blueshift fiction sci-fi project. Episode 6, titled: The Meeting. More episodes of blueshift fiction project will be coming this year as I will be concentrating on this as well as planning a space opera. The steampunk series has been put on hold for this year. I won't be writing it until 2015.

As far as my plans this year, there has been a shift. I will be focusing on science fiction projects, the first one being a series that expands on my short story The Prototype. I will also be focusing on blueshift fiction this year. I know that episodes were sporadic last year. That will change this year. I am also planning to do a podcast for blueshift fiction project and at some point I am going to look into turning it into a comic book/graphic novel.

As for the Red World series? well, I'm glad I wrote it and now I'm glad it's done. For now. There are some loose ends that I didn't completely answer and tie up. But that will be a long time in coming if I ever get around to writing anymore books in that series. I feel released from it as it took up a year of my life. I'll be working on shorter novels these days. However, look for a book trailer for the Red World trilogy some time this month!