New Short Story: Memory Lane

I have written a new short story. It's called Memory Lane and its free! No cover though. It's in .pdf form. I call it's genre speculative fiction or weird fiction. I love that old term, weird fiction. Also, I have another episode up at blueshift, called Burn It! Enjoy and Happy Reading!!

Download here: Memory Lane.pdf

Star Wars: Annihilation (The Old Republic)

I've got quite a few things cooking lately. I'm always working on something it seems. I've got a Star Wars movie marathon coming up on the Middle-earth Network next month and also I may be apart of another fiction project soon. I've written up a short story for it  called Memory Lane and I'm excited about it.

But I am writing to say that my new work-in-progress has a tentative name. The series will be called the Mission series and I'm half way through the first book. I am planning to release the first book in my Mission space opera series this summer. As homework I've been working my way through the Barsoom series which I've enjoyed immensely and also a few of the Star Wars EU books. Currently I'm listening to Star Wars: Annihilation (The Old Republic). Another great book. I'm learning a lot about good space opera. You can hear it right now on YouTube on audiobook.


What's coming up!

I have a lot of things coming up this year and it's exciting.

blueshift fiction - I will be writing new episodes on a regular schedule for this project and I plan to do a podcast/audiobook for it and possibly turn it into a comic book. blueshift fiction is a science fiction serial free-writing-experiment-turned project that is growing and becoming more intriguing and fun as I write each new episode.

New series - I have said in the past that I was going to write a steampunk series after finishing the Red World series but I have made some changes to that schedule. I am planning to write a space opera series this year and the steampunk series will come some time next year. The outline for the first book in this new series is already finished! I already have the name of the series books as well. I am excited! I must add that my sci-fi short story The Prototype is a lead-in, a prequel to to this new series.

Poetry - I am nearly finished with my new poetry book and it will be released this month, October Fog. My next poetry foray will be a book of poems inspired by the world of Middle-earth. That will come much later this year.

Hopefully I will be able to write a new short story prequel that I've been meaning to write for the steampunk series. I am still thinking on how to write it out but hopefully that will be written and released in December of this year.

So that's the schedule of work I have and I'm having lots of fun.