Mind Manipulation And Social Media

Since the growing scandal raging in Washington DC I’ve been pondering the role social media has played in all of this. Toxic role, that is. Since this summer I’ve been listening to Jaron Lanier, Silicon Valley pioneer who has a lot of interesting and disturbing things to say about social media. The lunacy that I see in society comes from something far more sinister than what most people realize, but that takes us into the realm of the supernatural. I’ll leave that for another post.

The non-supernatural issues are frightening enough. Social Media is a tool that those who control the data taken from use it to coerce and manipulate us and we can see the results in people’s addiction to it and to their lack of ability to think for themselves, how easily they are controlled, by ideas implanted into them by others with some other agenda. Right now you can see it playing out in politics, right and left, but it doesn’t stop there. I’ve been examining my own engagement with social media. One thing that I’ve found helpful over the years are programs like AdBlock and more recently, Hide YouTube Comments, an app that hides YT comments, which makes it a far better place to learn from and engage with. Jaron encourages people to get off it for six months and see whether you really need it or do you have an addiction that needs addressing? If so, he encourages people to get rid of their social media accounts if it is having a negative impact on their life. I have often thought of deleting my social media accounts, or most of them anyway but I haven’t quite gotten to that point, yet. I suppose my weakness is YouTube, because for me it has replaced television but even so, I am resolved to get off YT more often and engage with other things that I enjoy. Below is one of Jaron’s talks, in NYC. very though-provoking.

10 Reasons To Get Off Social Media