Tuning Out Toxicity

After nearly a decade of using YouTube I have finally resorted to using a chrome extension that effectively hides all YT comments. Too many times I have watched a video on YT only to be lured into the comments section or to simply want to post a comment about the content in the video only to find myself being dragged through a verbal sewer. The extension is called Hide YouTube Comments and it is a Godsend for those of us who wish to block out the hatred, darkness and ugliness that has run rampant on internet social media spaces like YouTube.

Things have only gotten worse with the current political climate and it was awful before this.

What has really brought this on is the Star Wars fandom - of which I used to be part of. It really has become toxic and it was toxic before the current films. It became ugly and perverse when the prequels came out. There’s no need to rehash it all, we all know the things that were said. George Lucas was driven away from his own creation, for which I will never forgive the Star Wars fans who were part of that ugliness. Back then I became so disgusted that I left the fandom community. These days I only enjoy the films, audio books, and the documentaries surrounding them. I looked up to see what the fandom thought of the knew films and after this second sequel film came out I shook my head and realized that my decision to leave the SW fandom community years ago was a good idea. It’s gotten scary now and I’m not exaggerating . Whether you think it has gotten too PC (and yes, an argument can be made for that. Did we need to scrub out all white male characters on the Light Side in SW, and did we need a general with purple hair?) But there is a way to address the tyranny of PC without becoming just as tyrannical on the other side of the issue. What I’m seeing now is a hatred and childishness that even pushes the boundaries of nasty behavior. I feel as a black woman that somehow, according to some fans, I should not be allowed to see someone like myself in this universe. But it’s not just Star Wars, I’m seeing this stuff everywhere. You can’t escape someone wanting to bring and spew this sewage into every community that exists on the internet.

There are a few good places of light and love on YT where the comments section is actually enlightening, educational and positive and for those I can selectively disable the extension but as for the rest? I won’t miss the old days and I actually look forward to being able to enjoy the content itself instead of dreading the stink of the comments section. Toxicity in any form is deadly. I want to no part of it.