It's been awhile. . .

For those waiting for the latest Mission book, I know it should have been out a long time ago and I apologize.

I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything. To be honest, for awhile I've lost my momentum for writing. Never fear, A Venus Affair is chugging along but it took some Herculean effort to get motivated to write and finish it. Mostly because I've had to be honest about where this writing career of mine is going. I'm not going to make a living form this now. I realize that and that is what has killed my momentum. But I have a new perspective. I have other things in my life that I've neglected, woefully, for six years trying to make the business side of this work and, well, it's time to face facts.

I won't make a living at this. and that's okay. I've neglected my faith, family and friends for six years and by putting Him on the back burner I gave HIm nothing to bless. I realize it's time to put things into perspective. Writing is important to me, always will be and I will always write but it is not more important than the people in my life or my faith, or my own personal time for leisure.

I won't make a living doing this. I will, however, keep on writing books and publishing them but the grueling schedule I'd put myself on is over. If it takes me four to twelve months to write a book these days, that's fine. I'm no longer in a hurry. I don't care about producing books fast anymore. if anything it's hurt me in the editing process. I'm still a proud indie writer but I'm not interested in speed publishing anymore.

I feel like I'm back again. Feels good. Look for  a sample chapter of A venus Affair tomorrow. If you are subscribed to the newsletter look for three.