the blueshifters

Now that Harbeasts of Mars is done I'm turning my attention to a long-neglected sci-fi serial, the blueshifters. Look for new episodes each week all summer and for a new serial, a sci-fi detective serial coming later this summer. Also, I'll be working on a new science fiction space opera series as well. The next book in the Mission series, will be out sometimes in the fall.

You Drop Stardust is finished so you can check that out, and also, two new episodes in the blueshifters has just been posted at the blog. Check them out! Episode 11 is Strange Clues and episode 12 is The Trans-Resurrection Machine. If you like them and want more episodes, let me know:

You can purchase the first season of the blueshifters on Amazon. or read it for free on the blog: blueshift fiction. The link is at the top row of the page.