Patience, please!

I'll be publishing Mission: Harbeasts of Mars in a few weeks. But I feel that I need to address something. I've gotten quite a few reviews for the first Mission books, most good, some bad. That's how it goes. But from what I've read, many complain of bad grammar. I get the feeling that it has a lot to do with my protagonist's way of speaking and thinking.

Bob Astor, the main protagonist in the series doesn't use perfect grammar. Sometimes it's just plain bad. I've written him that way on purpose. He's  a very laid-back kind of guy. His grammar isn't always correct and that's by design. It's to make him more approachable and realistic as a character. In fact, most people I know don't use perfect grammar, quite a few don't use good grammar at all, and so I'm feeling as if this lends flavor to the stories that some readers don't quite get.

He's patterned off John Carter, whose language is articulate and beautiful to my eyes and ears but stilted and staid in the minds of many modern readers, which saddens me. I've read many reviews where readers lambasted the dead author for writing in what was a natural way in his day. I thought about using this style of speaking for my character but decided that it was out of place. I suppose I went in the opposite direction, but I did it knowing exactly what I was doing. It has nothing to do with incompetence.

I'm going through this book one last time to see if I can catch any more errors but I really feel that the majority of these complaints have issues with things that I put in the books by design, barring any spelling errors,  (I have found quite a few words that I thought should be separated or hyphenated that actually shouldn't! I'm correcting those)