Sci-Fi Romance Station Blog-Hop, sample chapters and progress!

I'm planing a trip to Europe n April and I'll be dragging my new chromebook  there to write.

I've got a lot of things coming up one of them is the April Fool's Day Sci-Fi Romance Station blog- hop. Check back here for more news. It's a website that focuses on and supports authors who write sci-fi romance. I'm offering my sci-fi romance serial You Drop Stardust for the blog-hop and I will be narrating it and giving out audio book versions and ebooks versions of the story. In fact I now have three new episodes out and three more will be published by next weekend because it'll need to be ready before April.

As far as my latest work-in-progress it's coming along well and rather quickly. it should be ready for publication in May or June. Look for a sample chapter of Harbeasts of Mars next month. If you want to read more sample chapter, subscribe to the mailing list.