You Drop Stardust: Light in the Darkness (blueshift fiction project)

I've written another episode of my science fiction romance serial, You Drop Stardust. In fact, I've written two more, one last month, called Sadness and one last night! I'm at he halfway mark with this project now. Six more episodes and it's done. I've also written the first chapter in the second season of the blueshifters! I'm excited to get back to that project! Look for that episode on the blueshifters blog next week. Anyway, go on over to the blog and check out the latest episodes of You Drop Stardust, called Light in the Darkness.

I must add that You Drop Stardust is inspired by the Griffin and Sabine series by Nick Bantock and if you've read that series you'll appreciate that I have peppered a few references to that story in my own. Both of these small series are free writing projects and I have to say that when I get some time to work on them I do enjoy them but that free writing is no longer a strength of mine if I want to get something done in a timely fashion. I don't outline these stories at all, I just write them. I like them but it's harder to make them cohesive and coherent without an outline of a sort or a road map and then turn around and write them quickly. This is why it takes me so long to get each episode out. Anyway, enjoy the newest episode!


You Drop Stardust: Light in the Darkness


Magdalene is verbose, isn't she?