Finished With First Draft

I'm finally finished with the first draft of Blackguard Conspiracy. I'm feeling a lot better about it now that I'm on the other end of it. In fact I have lots of notes within the draft where I will be expanding and embellishing the story, making it much better. I'd say the bones fo it were more filled out. Now comes the real story-telling. I'm now listening to a lecture on myths and fairytales by Tom Shippey, very informative and enlightening for all writers of fiction in my opinion. especially speculative fiction. whether scienc efiction or fantasy these are the roots of it all and holds the secrets to stories that hold people's attention.

You can find this by following this link

enjoy the lecture at the link while i go and embellish and paint my own story. it's been a hard slog but writers go through this sometimes. It's normal.