New episode of Other Worlds Podcast out! (Memory Lane)

I took some time off from writing (and cleaning) to finish and upload a new episode of my Other Worlds podcast yesterday. it's an audio show of my weird fiction short story Memory Lane. Memory Lane was a rejected short story from an online audiozine/website. I'd written it specifically to submit it to them. alas, like with all my stories when it comes to submitting them to publishers, they rejected it. They weren't very nice about it either. I feel a sense of shadenfraude now that this zine is no longer in existence. I shouldn't but there it is. I do. So sue me.

Anyway, it reminds me of why I self publish my work these days. The old way of doing things had become a massive waste of time for me as a writer. I hope you enjoy the show.

Description: A lonely old man who lives in a lonely old house on the edge of town dies. And with him, a strange secret about the town itself.