Anyone who knows me knows that I love Shakespeare. he is the greatest author of the English language and I don't joke. Quite a few of my stories have ideas that drew inspiration from his work. I found out by surfing Facebook a few hours ago that a film based off of Shakespeare's Macbeth play had a kickstarter run and I didn't know or hear anything about it at all. it's called enemy of Man. I was so surprised and disappointed in this. You can watch the trailer and fins out more at their website. I'm happy they made their goal, in fact they received more funds than they asked for but I wished I'd heard about it. Rupert Grint, Sean Bean, and Charles Dance star in it, among other actors I know and admire. I wonder if I can order the dvd when they finish filming? I would have supported this in a heartbeat!

In other news I did hear about the sequel to the BBC's The Hollow Crown. This time around they will be filming Henry VI parts 1, 2, and 3 but will shave it down to two parts and then Richard III. it will be called The Hollow Crown: The War of the Roses ( so far as I know). Benedict Cumberbatch is slated to play Richard III. This sounds very exciting and I can't wait for this sequel. as for the first installment, I watch it every week and I'm at the point now where I can recite at least half of Henry IV part 1 (my favorite one of the film triad)

Cheers to Shakespeare!