Unexpected Blessing

This week has been a real humdinger. My hard drive failed and I had to take my computer in for repairs to the Windows store at the mall. So I haven't been around for a few days on the internet - which allowed me to get a lot of things done around the house. Funny how we waste so much time online!

Anyway, I missed, regrettably, The Middle-earth Network's premier of The Quest, I've started a new sci-fi serial on blueshift fiction and I have produced the first season or series of the blueshifters as a book. You can pick up a copy for $0.99 on Amazon and Smashwords,. Or you can read it on the blog. For free.

My allergies have been killing me so far and right now I'm watching an old rerun of The Antiques Roadshow, getting ready to watch PBS Mystery: Poirot later tonight. My house is very clean and well organized now, which makes me happy. The outline to the second book in my Mission series, Lights of Langrenus is nearly completed. I dashed off a book cover for the blueshifters, series one. So, even with the setback I've been a busy lady this wonderful summer. My computer crash has been a blessing because I've been able to get some important reading done for a review I plan to write (Anglo-Saxon Community in J. R. R.'s Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings), Bible reading, which I have been a little slack on, visiting and touching bases with friends and family and getting my house organized. It's been disorganized for too long. I threw out half my stuff and good riddance too!

How has your summer been?