Lights Of Langrenus - First Draft

I've been coming along quite nicely, at a leisurely pace I might add, with the second book in my new space opera series, Lights Of Langrenus. This book is going to be focused on a different sort of villain. The villains will still be alien but readers will find they are radically different from the ones introduced in the first book. You see, most tv shows and series books I'm familiar with have two types of shows; villain-of-the-week shows and mytharc shows. Flight To Mars was a mytharc book that starts the whole series. Lights Of Langrenus is a "villain-of-the-week" story that I think will surprise readers. I've finished the outline last month and I've started writing the first draft in the beginning of August. I'm 50% through the first draft. Think of the Star Wars EU book Fatal Alliance, as this book is an inspirational one for the one I'm writing now. Of course, my book is very different, but there are certain elements that I'd found fascinating and inspirational for my own story.

I wish I could find Fatal Alliance again on YouTube as that is where I was first introduced to the story. It's a fun read/listen. Anyway, look here on the website for future sample chapters. I should have the first couple of sample chapters up next week!