The Darkness and the Light

One thing I see that has become very popular in today's entertainment, besides the whole grim-dark trend in fantasy which is disappointing to see, and the dull, mind-numbing, unimaginative  trend of mundane science fiction is zombies and the apocalypse. It's the devil, I say. Hell bent on taking the wonder, fun and mistique out of fantasy and the wonder and positivity from science fiction and choking it with the Great Darkness that he wields like a poisonous weapon.

Zombies and the apocalypse are one more thing that says to me the society we live in is steeped in hatred of what is Good, hatred for Light and Love. It's sad to see so many people obsessed with this stuff. I don't like it at all and how literally everything is saturated with the stuff. This is one reason why I created Epistle Publishing, to counteract the Darkness with stories that look to the Light and to Goodness in the world, in Mankind and in the supernatural world. No matter how far things may fall I will valiantly keep my stories in the Light, with Romance, Poetry, heroes and heroines that know the difference between good and bad and walk the path, even if they stumble a few times, they will choose what is right in the end. Where are the true heroes? The true victories? The clearly drawn lines, because in real life I see the lines clearly drawn between the Darkness and the Light. I also see, sadly, many people unwittingly choosing darkness. More writers should take up the challenge and the call to the side of Light. In science fiction and fantasy they are hard for me to find, but I know they're out there.