the blueshifters serial

Anyone who reads this blog knows that most of my time this year has been spent writing and finishing two novels, Rise of the Red King and Flight To Mars. Because of that my blueshifters web serial has been put on the back burner but I am now working on several more episodes for this first installment.

The blueshifters is about a group of young people who discover they have awakening kinetic powers just in time to be gathered together and told by a mysterious stranger that an alien invasion is in slow, steady progress. This stranger, along with a few stalwart friends get together to plot what will become a looming war with The Others, the redshifters.

I have posted episodes on my blueshifters blog and also on Wattpad but I think I will post parts of episodes here as well over the summer. The blueshifters will be collected into a larger book by groups pf episodes and I am looking to see if an artists can make it a graphic novel. Also in the future I plan to bring other writers into this fictional world so look for that as well. the blueshifters will be bundled into installment novellas for $0.99 a piece. The first novella of the currently collected episodes should be out by the end of this summer on Amazon and Smashwords. So, now on to the story. . .

Episode 1

The Sickness

It was always that feeling that made him think that he was both drunk and keenly alert. A hyper-sensitivity to everything around him, yet his limbs felt like flailing, boneless appendages. It usually struck at night and it was here again. Dan had taken to going for a short walk whenever the sickness came on him. He was making his way - slowly - down West Burnside. It was now a ritual. He passed by the same unnamed bar he always did, a mouldering building with filthy, blacked-out windows. The door suddenly swung open letting the wild laughter of the crowd escape. They were packed in every crevice like lice. He ambled across the street to escape the noise. Dan caught the scent of strong, dank smoke and alcohol and a mind-bending Tom Waits song blared from a radio somewhere inside. He was again being transported into that realm of mental distortion. Everything was real and not real. He leaned against a building to keep from falling over, to catch himself. Footsteps and cars rumbling over the street sounded like crashing drums. He felt disconnected from his body in that delightfully frightening feeling of flying forward with nothing to stop him. Just stop, please just stop. Oh, when will the black-out happen again? He lurched his way, painfully, towards the waterfront. The black waters of the river cast rippling images of the city lights from its surface. He heard the slapping of waves against the river wall below.

"Oh." He mumbled. He heard footfalls behind him. Slowly Dan turned. There were five men staring down at him. One of them, standing in front, was wearing a bright red rag tied around his head.

"What do you want?" Dan couldn't keep his tongue straight and the words came out slurred. None of the men answered him. Even in the dark and with his compromised vision their eyes looked  like boundless black holes sitting in their heads.

"Think anybody'll miss this one?" Murmured one of them.

"Nah. Throw him over."

"What. .  .what do you want from me? Please!" Dan said. Electric sparks of fear, which translated as pain radiated through his body. They surrounded him. He staggered trying to break through the circle. Unfortunately his plea sounded more like a whimper. He staggered through managing to push one of them away.

"Nothing man. Nothing." Said Red-Rag, grinning. "Hey! Where you goin'?" The others sniggered. They trailed him, pushing him along, kicking at him.

"I don't have anything!"

"We don't want anything from you." Said one of them.

"Look, we got things to do. Finish it." Said Red-Rag. Dan made an attempt to escape, half-leaping away. He started to run which turned out to be more of a clumsy gallop. Except for himself and his tormentors the waterfront was empty. They all converged on him like wolves on raw meat. He screamed and one of them began punching him savagely until his screams died into the whimpers of a tortured animal and he lost all sense. He felt the bones crack and break and his body sprang alive with new pain. He then felt himself flying through the air until he crashed into a wall of ice cold water.

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