New Sci-fi series: Mission: Flight to Mars

I'm back! and the book is finished! It's in editing phase right now and I have just commissioned a book cover for it. I've changed the title from its first title (which was just a working title anyway) to Mission: Flight to Mars.

I'm happy with how it's turned out. The gist of it is a regular guy named Bob, a quality assurance agent at  large corporation finds himself embroiled in a conflict that quickly gets much larger than he imagines. He is invited to go on a delegation to the moon city, Langrenus when he discovers a man who holds the key to Earth's destiny. This man has files and schematics to built a solargate and he is on the run from dark, nefarious characters who want this technology and will do anything, include kill to get it. Bob finds himself accidentally drawn into the conflict and finds out that the solar system is far bigger and wilder than he had ever imagined.


Well, I'm not sure if that gets it across. I hope so but I'm excited about it. I will be posting sample chapters on this blog and also on pencil +word on blogger this weekend. Look for a new sample chapter each week in June. Look for the release of Mission: Flight to Mars in July!