Star Wars: Darth Plagueis Audio Book

Years and years ago I read the Thrawn trilogy after having seen Return of the Jedi and missing more Star Wars content. I enjoyed that trilogy very much but that was really my only foray in the EU world. Besides those stories I had no interest in the EU. However, now that I am working on a space opera, I've found myself becoming interested in some of the EU stories mostly in order to learn how to write good space opera. I listened to the Thrawn trilogy on audio book and also Kristine Kathryn Rusch's New Rebellion which was very good as well.

This time I decided to take a foray into the dark side. I'm listening to Darth Plageis. Normally, I don't care for dark entertainment these days but I have always been intrigued with how Darth Sidious came to be and who trained him. From what I heard while watching the prequels it was a fascinating back story. Even in its darker elements Star Wars still manages to retain the fun. This darker tale is good. Intriguing, but not frightening or so disturbing that I have to turn it off. So far, anyway. The story telling is riveting, I must say, and I am learning how to construct a good space opera.

But even if you aren't wanting to write a story it's just good listening.