New Sci-Fi Romance series on blueshift fiction!

In case you didn't know I'm working on a new romantic science fiction series called You Drop Stardust. It's been slow going but I'm really enamored with the series and I'm excited as to where it's going to go. The characters so far in this series are R. Vaughn ("r" is for Ralph) and Magdalene and the series is in epistolary form. Because I've been so busy with the Mission series I haven't been writing a lot of episodes for it but I did manage to get a new episode out for it yesterday and it's posted. It's called A Deception. The Mission series has also caused me to neglect temporarily my Blueshifters series. I promise more will be coming on that front after Mission: Attack On Europa is released sometime in January. Look for more of The Blueshifters next month. Also look for sample chapters of my current work in progress next month as well.


Until then check out my new SciFi romance, You Drop Stardust. I have three episodes up so far. email me at and tell me what you think. :)