Plans for the Third Mission Book

Now that the second book is out of the way in about a month I'll be working on the third book. I've already got the title to the third book: Mission: Attack on Europa!

Attack On Europa will definitely be a mytharc story. The second book was a bit of a departure from that. with the third we're getting right back into the main plot line - alien attack and invasion! exciting stuff coming up. I do realize that Lights of Langrenus is a short novel. The third book should be longer. And full of action. Think Star Wars: The Old Republic - Annihilation, or The Corellian Trilogy from the Extended Universe books. I've been reading and listening to quite a few of these and getting a lot of good ideas. You might realize some Star Wars references are peppered throughout the Mission books. I hope you readers don't mind!

Until then, buy Mission: Lights of Langrenus or Mission: Flight To Mars on Amazon!