New SciFi Short Story - The Prototype

My new short story is in editing phase right now. It's called The Prototype. The Prototype is set about hundred years into the future. In this future the U.S. is about to launch an epic and vast space frontier program - basically exploring and colonizing the solar system and a big corporation with gleaming towers called Vartan Industries. The protagonist is a humble Quality Assurance employee, named Bob, who takes on a mentorship role for - the prototype, a humanoid, life-like android named Will. This android is one of Vartan Industries's greatest achievements. And guess what? Something goes terribly wrong. But I won't tell you anymore. You'll have to read it for yourself.
For readers - those of you who are on the mailing list will automatically get it for free. For all others. The Prototype will be free for a few days.

Rise of the Red King - I am already halfway through my outline. This book is going to be even bigger than Cryptic Tongues. Or at least it's looks that way. I think I might be giving Robert Jordan a run for his money when it comes to giant tomes. There are a lot of cool things that will be happening in this book. So stay tuned, as I will be putting up a blog about it some time next week - blogging about returning characters, new characters that might surface, themes developing and action set pieces and even strange new Martian (Chialisian) foods.

I also did a podcast interview with Simon Whistler of the Rocking Self-Publishing podcast. Great interview. You can listen to it here: Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast.