Free Extra Content: from The Red World, a new short story and a new blueshifters episode all coming soon!

Well summer is nearing its end (boo!) and I've had quite a bit of promotion to do. That's winding down. The MG Blog Tour was great and a lot of fun, thanks Crystal! I really loved the Other Realms promotion tour as well and I want to give a shout out to Willo for organizing that over on Kboards. I hope to do something like that again some time. Really cool. Check it out because there is so much great content over there! Those of us writing scifi and fantasy who are indie authors have ultimate control over our stories adn we can tell them how we want to.

That's what Tolkien did. He wrote the kinds of stories he liked to read. We all have that power now and I like it. That's a very good thing.
Speaking on that, sometimes when you do promotions and other projects you create extra content, content that can't be found elsewhere. This is what I did for the Other Realms promotion and the MG Blog Tour and I think this is cool content that people reading the blog would like so I am going to post it (the extra Red World content) here and also send it out to the mailing list. Some of these are merely excerpts from the latest Red World novel but some of it is new. The new red world content can be downloaded from the link at the end of this post! I call it the Chialis Travelogue.

Other new content - it's time to get back into the swing of things and I've done so and I'm excited! I am currently editing a new short story called The Prototype. That shoud be out by the end of this month and it will be free for a short time. If you are subscribed to the mailing list it will most certainly be free for a long time. If not, it will be made free for a short time. It may become a space opera sci-fi series in the future. Who knows?

Also, the big one! I am gearing up to begin work on the last book of the Red World trilogy, Rise of the Red King. I will be starting the outline of this novel this weekend so I will be quite busy this month. Also, I have another episode over at blueshift fiction that I will post this month. Look for that at the end of September. There is also the new poetry book that I was talking about. Still working on it, haven't forgotten it. That may come out in October.
Anyway, thought I would give you a few things to start off the fall year (where I am the new year has "started" because school is newly in session) because after September I will not be posting an awful lot until I can get a break from writing. I will be busy so this is to let you know there will be some free content up here and at my other blogging spaces.

Content is always good. Especially free stuff.  :)
Download and enjoy! ---> Chialis Travelogue