Books in Print!

I have finally done it. I had Schisms printed up on paperback. It should be out on Amazon in paperback in a couple of weeks. I have three printed paperbacks (in the photo below) of the book already and they look beautiful. Good quality from Createspace, I must say. Some people have been grumbling that Createspace doesn't print up good quality paperbacks. Well, upon seeing my books I'm not sure what they mean. Mine look very nice and they seem and feel very durable. I have plenty of traditionally published books on my bookshelf and my proofs stack up well against them. They have glossy covers - which I like and I feel that really has nothing to do with quality and everything to do with personal preference - and I opted for cream-colored paper as it is thicker and more durable, in my opinion, than the white paper. After all, my favorite books by Umberto Eco have glossy covers and cream-colored paper they look beautiful.

I ran into a snafu the first time so I am now waiting on my second shipment of proofs. The first time around though the books turned out nice in most respects I forgot that my manuscript does not have page numbers. After all, page numbers do not matter so much when getting a manuscript ready for an ereader but they do matter for printed books. So I had to go back and insert page numbers into the reformatted manuscript and then have them redo the measurements for the spine of the cover. The second batch of proofs will only be 200 page books. The ones I have now that you see in the photo are 280 pages each because the manuscript I used for it is formatted differently. Anyway, I am very pleased so far. I hope the second batch of proofs that arrive will look just as nice, only this time they will have page numbers!