blueshift – Episode #5!

Alright folks! Another blueshift episode is up. You know what? I might have episode #6 up sometime next week. The newest episode, or chapter is called “Sensing Things”. Each episode has its own chapter title. If you would like to see this series be turned into a podcast or audiocast/book email me at and let me know.
In the future I am thinking about turning this into a series of printed comics with art work and also maybe an audio book. But that’s into the future. For now, I’m taking it one episode at a time. It’s turning out to be interesting. I never thought that free-writing would work for me after my terrible bouts with Writer’s Block when I was young. We’ll see where it goes. It seems to be headed in a good direction. I like it.
Check it out here! Oh and by the way, my new short story will be coming out by next weekend. So look for The Prototype then! :)