Other Realms: Diverse Worlds in Speculative Fiction

I am participating in some exciting things this month! One of them is the Other Realms project. Other Realms is a cool project that will showcase an array of speculative fiction stories; it is also a broad and inclusive way of looking at speculative fiction. The project will be open to readers starting August 20th and will be open until September 5th.
Often, spec-fic does not have much in the way of diverse characters either in race or culture, in how characters and cultures are displayed or written about. Other Realms is for those of us who write speculative fiction stories with unusual heroes or unusual and/or minority characters. My own first fantasy series had a bi-racial girl as the heroine and in my current fantasy trilogy the characters are patterned mostly after those of Middle Eastern, African and Some Southern European peoples and cultures.
Enter the realm by clicking the link and get immersed in a very different and expansive world - a way of looking at fantasy and science fiction through different lenses and every bit as fun! We are also hosting the works associated with Other Realms either free or at discounted prices. Free and discounted content (books), folks! Go and search and explore and I'm sure you'll find something you'll like! So click the link and get started on your journey and find some really cool and intriguing work. I have offered excerpts of my own Red World trilogy as part of the Other Realms project for exploration and there is new content there from the Red World trilogy not posted anywhere else or even in the books. So check it out! Other Realms!