Working Through Adversity

Years ago, I found it very difficult to work through adversity and trials that befell me. if something bad happened in my life, I often couldn’t write. I’m in the process of changing that patter but it is very hard to change old patterns. Once again, adversity and crisis is besetting my family and sometimes I feel lost when staring at the proverbial page or screen but I’m changing that. You have to. You can’t let life, even in its worst moments stop you. When you fall you have to get up again. repeatedly.

Having read through the books in the series, I’m working on the outline now. Things are slow and I think this will be the longest Mission book of them all. it will be a slog, but get through it, I will, this time.

This last book, future fantastic will start similarly to Attack on Europa where the team is en-route already to Mars. I won’t give you more though. You’ll just have to wait until I get that first chapter out.

Onward, ho!

The beginning of the end

I’m finally starting on the outline for the last book in the Mission series. I know, it’s late, but here I am, getting started. The time has to be right sometimes before I can really get started and committed. I’m excited. I’ve gone through most of the other books in the series and I’m ready to send bob off to the great milky way yonder. I feel a little sad leaving this character, which is why I’m so slow getting this wrapped up but it will get finished. This last jaunt will be a last battle fought on Mars. Look for some old concepts from Lights of Langrenus and Attack on Europa in this last book. Dark matter, fiorjahs, the Divine serum, etc.

The more I think on the next series the more energized I get for ideas to explore. Alchemical concepts are something I’m looking into for this next series. But more on that later.

Now, on to finishing the Mission series.

Peace and Rest Through Pain

Even with all the swirling chaos in Washington DC, the intermittent chaos in my family and its effects on me, I’m able to find small islands of peace and rest and even, at times, happiness. It’s been difficult. Life gets more disquieting and more disturbing as I get older, even as other things bring joy. I can go through bouts of sobbing and even euphoric happiness and then the uneasy feeling of foreboding in one day, sometimes. It sounds like mental illness, I know, but it truly isn’t that. A strange synthesis that’s hard to describe. It’s a sign of the times we live in.

But it’s things like these, unsettling, even tragic experiences even, that can help motivate one to come up with interesting ideas for story craft. As the Mission story soon draws to a close I look forward to the next series, which won’t come out for another couple of years but my more recent experiences will be channeled into this new character and his arc. It will be an interesting challenge to wrestle with this story and bring it to life and I’m looking forward to it. He will be much different from Robert Astor.

There are other smaller projects that I want to finish - my podcast story You Drop Stardust (which is set in the same world as my new, yet to be written series), And The Blueshifters. These don’t get read by many people but I find working on them cathartic for emotional reasons anyway and they help fuel ideas for my larger works.

As for the Mission series, I’m reading over all of the previous books so that I can re-calibrate my memory’s accuracy regarding certain details and plot points.. I’ll be getting started on the first draft in earnest in February. I’ll do my best in channeling my pain and anguish into creativity. And finding joy in it when I can. And in between those creative fits and starts, there is peace and rest. Sometimes.