" Every man's life is a fairy tale written by God's fingers ." - Hans Christian Anderson

"Every man's life is a fairy tale written by God's fingers." - Hans Christian Anderson

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Epistle Publishing is an imprimatur that specializes in publishing epic/adventure fantasy, science fiction and poetry. Stories of wonder, imagination and inspiration. Stories where the heroes are heroic and unabashedly Good. These are the kinds of stories I love, thus, these are the kinds of stories I like to write. If you like to read those kinds of stories come join my world of wonder and adventure! I'm Victoria A. Jeffrey. Feel free to browse my books, read my thoughts or subscribe to the mailing list. You can find me at YouTube and Facebook! Enjoy! You can also find me at these following places:




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The first book in the Mission series, Flight To Mars, is permamently free! Download it and check it out!!

Newly released! Mission: Phoenix Rising, book 7 in the Mission series!

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War is coming! The Blackfleet is arriving sooner than expected! Bob, Diamond, the Boss, and U-net have cobbled together a desperate battle plan and an army to intercept the alien fleet and destroy the last alien base on Io and the stargate on Jupiter. The special weapon that the Boss has built for the newly upgraded Phoenix is an unstable, unpredictable weapon that has already taken the lives of scientists working at the Boss’s secret laboratory during the testing phase but time is up. It must be used or abandoned.

If they play their cards right, the ragtag army actually has a fighting chance to defeat the enemy once and for all, an advantage up their sleeve: the element of surprise. Except that the Boss is struggling against hidden enemies, growing hysteria and suspicion as Earth’s populace slowly awakens to what they are facing. Bob is seen by some as a possible terrorist suspect. He is apprehended and brought in for questioning right when he needs to leave on the greatest mission of his life! Will he escape the watchful eyes of the authorities to join U-net? Will U-net make it in time before the Blackfleet emerges from the wormhole? Will the secret weapon the Boss has spent so much time, effort and money building actually work? Or has humanity lost the war before it has begun?


Bob and his family are on a much-needed vacation toward the hottest destination in the solar system: Vepaja City, Venus! But as soon as he reaches Venus someone from his past makes an inconvenient request: make a secret deal that promises to benefit Bob, U-net and the Boss. Who is this mysterious character? Does this person really care about helping him or is there a darker agenda? Is this side mission really in Bob's best interest? If he agrees to the deal U-net could reap an advantage in the coming war. But is this mission legitimate or is it a trap?

The Dark Energy Project, started by a group of far-thinking engineers, scientists and programmers many years ago has come roaring back like a storm! 
Meant to catapult human exploration and civilization out to the farthest reaches of space, it centered around the groundbreaking information on how to build working stargates. Except, the information was stolen and its founders and all other humans attached to the project killed by alien loyalists. Thereafter, it was renamed The Blackguard Project, the linchpin of the entire drama between humans, alien rebels and the alien loyalists. It's a shortcut for the aliens in the approaching Black Fleet who abandoned their dying planet and are heading to the solar system to invade Earth and wipe out humanity. 

Bob receives a copy of the Blackguard files by The Boss with a new mission: stop the inaugural activation of the new stargate at the annual Sci-Tech Convention. To most people, this is a momentous year in the history of science and space exploration. However, Bob and his U-net band know that this gate is a Trojan Horse! It must be stopped and the aliens behind this sinister plan exposed, no matter the cost.



Crash landing! 

After a rowdy victory celebration following the battle of Europa, Bob goes for a stargazing trip in the desert and wrecks his speeder. Stranded, he soon finds he isn't alone. Harbeasts, the savage, fearsome, genetically engineered predators that roam the Martian deserts are hot on his trail! 

With no water or food, limited air supply, no working vehicle, and the nearest way-station days away, Bob finds himself in a dogged fight for survival. Unfortunately, he also finds that the harbeasts aren't the only predators out to get him.

The affair on Langrenus now settled, Bob plans to return home. But an urgent cry for help from an old friend interrupts his homecoming. The Big Boss sends him a fleet of newly built fighter ships, seemingly just in time for this new and unexpected mission. Bob brings along a new ally, enlisting him in his growing little band of U-net agents. The new guy is James Jenkins, a.k.a Diamond Dog, a young, hot-shot pilot with smuggling connections and as soon as they set foot on Mars trouble blows up in their faces.

A new city is being built and there will be a final gathering of the Allied Martian Powers. They've been planning their long-awaited and perilous mission – to destroy the loyalist alien military base on Europa. Bob and Diamond bring along much needed help to the cause, more than willing to rally to the side of the Alliance of Martian Powers but Bob finds that things are changing faster than he can keep up with and his experience in Langrenus haunts him in more ways than one. On Mars, alliances between humans and aliens are complex, tenuous things and Bob finds that even relationships with one's allies can be uneasy.

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Something is rotten in Langrenus.

Or technically, north of the city.

Bob has settled down into work and family life but beneath the surface things have changed. He's a secret spy building a budding network of people searching for the alien shadow groups on Earth and working to stop the coming invasion from beyond the solar system. But for now, all of that is far away.

The Boss, the mysterious head of Vartan, Inc. sends Bob back to the moon city of Langrenus to investigate the Transient Lunar Phenomenon, which has changed pattern and intensity over recent years. No one knows why. At first, Bob suspects he's been sent on a fluff mission. But the more he investigates, the more questions are raised in his mind as to what is really going on. The heart of the problem lies within the lunar mining communities and the increased frequency of the beautiful lunar lights are the result of something far more sinister than Bob ever imagined.

And the first book in the Mission space opera series Mission: Flight To Mars is here! Get it free on Amazon, iTunes, B&N and Smashwords! Also, you can get The Prototype at Amazon, the short story prequel to the Mission sci-fi series!


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